Powering the future with clean energy storage:

Bringing pumped storage hydro to the Navajo Nation

Charting an equitable clean energy future

Two proposed pumped storage hydro projects on the Navajo Nation would create thousands of family-wage jobs and foster economic prosperity while minimizing environmental impact.

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Benefits to the Navajo Nation

Thousands of family-wage construction jobs and a local hiring commitment

Earn money while learning a construction trade

Millions of dollars of tax revenue for the Navajo Nation

Millions of dollars to directly support Chapter-specific priorities

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Bringing pumped storage to the Navajo Nation



About Rye Development

Rye Development is leading a new generation of pumped storage hydropower in the U.S. and helping create a more reliable energy grid. Rye develops projects from inception to operations through site identification, permitting, offtake and construction.

Rye works in partnership with utilities, policymakers, community leaders, Tribal Nations, and others to develop pumped storage hydropower projects in an environmentally responsible way.

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